Gotta Have More Comic-Con News: Burning Questions Left After Comic-Con 2014

I’m a greedy geek. I know. I get that. Why can’t I just be happy with what the studio gods have deemed worthy to leak to the lucky fangirls and boys in San Diego?! I’ve got a fever…and the only prescription is more Comic-Con news, specifically Comic-Con movie news. Here’s a rundown of the unanswered questions geeks around the world are still yearning for answers to placate our fan theory-addled minds.


A lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe buzz prior to the Marvel Hall H presentation surrounded the casting of the eponymous hero of the upcoming Dr. Strange MCU Phase 3 movie. Longtime rumors of Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the role were brought to a fever pitch during Comic-Con. After joking about playing “Nurse Normal” (Get it? Oh Cabbagepatch…), Cumberbatch confirmed that his current schedule precludes him from partaking in the role. He’s due to play Hamlet in London next summer. Most are taking the news as the final nail in the coffin for Cumberstrange. (Personally, I’m not too sure. I can feel the pull-and-tug between Cumberbatch and Marvel to finagle schedules to work.) So just who is Dr. Strange? Maybe Joaquin Phoenix? Color me intrigued! But by now I expected to be more than just intrigued by the possibilities.

Marvel announced the dates for its Phase 3 films through 2019. (I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow!) Besides Guardians of the Galaxy 2, no other films or characters were announced. How long do we have to wait for Black Panther and Captain Marvel? Fans and pundits alike have decided these are the most likely new superheroes to feature in their own films. What if we’re all wrong? Personally, if done correctly, I’d prefer to see a She-Hulk movie before a Captain Marvel movie. That’s because I think green lawyers are cool. Plus, MCU’s diversity issues are becoming more apparent, the longer and more successful the series continues. Speculation abounds when not much is confirmed.


Warner Bros’ biggest Comic-Con property this year is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. (That title! I love it because it’s so banal and bizarre at the same time.) Zack Snyder introduced the DC Trio together for the first time in public. A clip was shown. Wonder Woman was shown. And…that’s it.

What’s the movie actually about? How do Cavill, Gadot, and Affleck feel about playing their respective characters? What has the filming process been like so far? I didn’t expect them to answer fan questions, but they could have at least been allowed to open their mouths. Right? Right?! Right.

Just like the MCU master plan, the DC movie master plan is slowly materializing. Even more so than the MCU, the DC movie master plan is shrouded in mystery — or maybe not. Some confirmations would be nice.

Plus, what the hell does this mean?!

Star Wars

A still of a set. A group photo of actors in costume. Something! Anything! JJ Abrams tends to shy away from Comic-Con displays, favoring secrets and lies. Sorry, too harsh? Not a bit of news came out of the Disney/Lucasfilm camp on the new Star Wars trilogy or any of the announced spin-off films. If Gareth Edwards can confirm he’s making Godzilla 2 after his Star Wars spinoff, can’t we know what exactly that spinoff movie will be?

There’s only one question I want answered — what is the title of Episode VII? My suggestions include Attack of the Phantom Clones, A New Hope Strikes Back, and Revturn of the Jedith.

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Daniel Radcliffe finally made his first Comic-Con experience, promoting the upcoming Horns. How amazing would it have been if he also introduced some news about Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them? Granted, the last thing he’d want to promote is another Harry Potter film series but hey the fans would’ve loved it! Speaking of, it’s only a matter of time until JK Rowling makes the trek to San Diego…I already feel sorry for the people of San Diego when (not if) that happens.

What unresolved questions/feelings/FEELS do you have after the dust of Comic-Con has settled?


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