Emmys 2014: Live GIF React

Emmys 2014, let’s do this.

The Emmys begin!

All the awards

Bathroom break! (I don’t care for Seth Meyers.)

Forrest Gump-I gotta pee

Beyonce or Amy Poehler? Oh don’t make me think such thoughts!

Ty Burrell wins! Wahhhh. NBD he’s cute even in that ill-fitting tux.

Zooey and Allison: A Story of Twee

OUAT-Regina-Ugh eye roll

All da ladies love Louie.

Cat-Oh hey. What's up

That’s one slick beard, Louie.

Jimmy Kimmel does his best to steal the show, and I don’t mind.

Glee-I ain't even mad

How great does Allison Janney look? How great was she in Masters of Sex? Does anyone even watch Mom?

Happy Hillary Clinton

Uzo Aduba is a vision, and Jimmy Fallon needs to sit down.

Disney-Paper Plane-Are you kidding me

Guys, Modern Family is still pretty solid. Hooray for lady directors!

Lady Gaga-Yep.

Billy Eichner! Billy on the Street: Emmys Edition is glorious!

Tatiana Maslany and The Good Wife were both snubbed.

Hold on, Clark Gable.


Jim Parsons again


Grumpy Cat-UGH blink

Clark Gable plants a BIG one on JLD!


Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pretty fantastic on Veep but so is Taylor Schilling on Orange Is the New Black and Edie Falco on Nurse Jackie.

The Office-Yup.Shrug.

The Emmys notify Julia Roberts to prepare her speech ’cause she definitely won that Emmy.

Office Space-Uh, yeah

Hahaha no one wants a sequel to The Help no matter how lovely y’all are.

 Sherlock wins for Outstanding Writing for His Last Vow!

Kathy Bates wins for American Horror Story: Coven! That show is problematic as shit but Kathy Bates is always on point.

Eastwood-Nods yes

Is Colbert’s Roscoe Chair Obama’s younger brother?

Jawn won, Sherlockians. Our Jawn won. (Um, I mean Martin Freeman won for supporting actor in mini-series and stuff.)

Sherlock-John-Oh really?

Where’s Martin?

HP-Ron doesn't understand

Woody Harrelson’s impression of the McConaissance is on point.

Benedict Cumberbatch wins the Emmy. The one year he isn’t there. Because now he’s over it. Because now his eye is on the Oscar prize. So much for Cumberwatch 2014.

Futurama-Oh I made myself sad

Idris Elba showed up, and he’s a movie star. BENEDICT.

Luther-Ugh rly

Moving on, Liev Schreiber and Kerry Washington need to star in a relationship drama movie, STAT. That’s one good looking couple.


Weird Al is the weird voice in our head whenever we watch TV.

Thumbs Up

Yes, Fargo was good. But not great! You know was almost great? Luther. You know what could have been great? The White Queen. Go watch ’em!


I still haven’t seen The Normal Heart, but it’s on my list. Important story, important history. If you’re looking for a real apocalypse story, there you go.


Sarah Silverman calls boyfriend Michael Sheen “her love Mr. Fancy Pants Sheen.” I wonder if she’s seen these. Hahaha that’s stupid. Of course she has.

Already starting the petition for Key and Peele to host next year’s Emmys.

Chris Hardwick! The person TV declared is the Internet’s person! Ah, nah, he’s cool.

Gwen Stefani…you’re cut-off from the plastic surgery.

Stop stahp

Ummmmmmm yeah you should be sorry that there’s only one woman on your staff exactly because you don’t think you should be sorry or even attempt to change the status quo.

It's sexism-Not okay

In a fantastic alternate universe, Lucy Liu and Martin Freeman are presenting this category together.

Sherlock-John-Nod yes

Aaron Paul wins in the stacked Supporting Actor in Drama. Hope the rest of his career is just as thrilling.

Sara Bareilles is that ray of sunshine that makes me bawl my eyes out.

Blink back tears

Robin Williams, what a concept is right.

Cary Fukunaga wins for directing True Detective! He deserves it…plus not that many men can Cary off (get it?) a French braid.

Anna Gunn FTW! Let’s hope she and Tennant make Gracepoint less derivative and more engrossing.

Hercules-that's the gospel truth

Katherine Heigl needed to wait like 20 years before that dress was age appropriate for her.

“Ozymandias” will go down as one of the best moments of TV history, so what up lady writers!

Julianna Marguiles, one of the strongest actors out there, especially on network TV.

And yeah, Josh Charles, what were you thinking?


Robin Wright, I love you, you’re perfect, now get over it.

Oprah-You mad?

McConaughey’s face when Bryan Cranston wins made me laugh!

Oprah-You mad?

Jay Leno and Modern Family insert joke about overrated comedy here.

Mean Girls-WhateverBreaking Bad totally and unequivocally deserves the win!

Breaking Bad-Mike-Smile

Those chimes totally and unequivocally deserve to be destroyed!


That’s all folks! Hope you had a great, GIFfy time!



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