Golden Globes 2015 Live GIF React

golden globes

It’s here! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s “final” hosting gig of the Golden Globes a.k.a. my favorite awards show because movie AND TV stars get drunk live on air. Let the video assumption and award upsets begin!

Poehler-Fey High Five

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler already changed and look glorious.

Maleficent-Aw hahaha wicked smile

All the movies North Korea was okay a.k.a. those random hacker guys that were actually responsible for the Sony Hack.

Thumbs Up

Just Keep Simmons πŸ˜€

Big Eyes

Emma Stone as Big Eyes is perfection.

GoT-Jaime-Waves hand. Hi

Oh hey, Joaquin!

Sherlock-Moriarty-Mmmm music

Cake is like a fluffy dessert…

Sherlock-John-Nod yes

Amy’s impersonation of British actors impersonating Americans is perfection.

Office Space-Uh, yeah

Our society totally values pretty people over…anything else.

Poehler-Fey High Five

Who would you rather? Tina or Amy? Both!

Don't make me angry

Everyone knows I like it Ruff-alo.

Chris Pine? Yes.

Oh hey, TJ Miller! I still love Cloverfield.

I don’t like Tyler Perry movies, but I’d totally see Girl, I Thought You Were Gone.


Jessica Chastain’s reaction to the Bill Cosby jokes is hilarious.

Sherlock-Hmm interesting

Cumberbatch! Cumberbatch! Cumberbatch!

Sherlock-Moriarty-Yeah Okay I Did

Lololololol Aniston didn’t get on the Batch bandwagon.

JK Simmons wins first for best Supporting Actor! He’s wondrous. I’m glad he’s getting some recognition and not just for those Farmer’s Insurance commercials.

Downton Abbey-Bates-Yess

Joanne Froggatt deserves it. Some recompense for dealing with that bullshit rape storyline in Downton.

In Bruges-Shrug. IDK

Fargo wins as per usual.

Billy Bob Thorton doin’ the thing.

Community-Troy-Thumbs up

Margaret Cho being awesome.

Parks and Rec-Eek

Cumberbatch and Hunter are concerned.

Devil Wears Prada-Deal with It

Streep is a trooper.

All the awards

Gina Rodriguez wins for Jane the Virgin! YAY LATINAS FOR THE WIN! ALL ABOUT IT!


Transparent is so good. IT’S SO GOOD. Totally deserves that win.

LoK-Lin-Meh whatever

Meh. Hans Zimmer should’ve won for Interstellar. But I haven’t seen The Theory of Everything yet, so maybe that score is okay, I guess.

Prince said it’s Original Score, so it’s Original Score OKAY?!


John Legend, Common, and Prince moment!

Fox doesn't understand

Why is Katie Holmes there?


Matt Bomer wins!

Great Gatsby-Yes

Clive Owen is wearing velvet, to make up for Cumberbatch’s disappointing lack of velvet.


Ricky brings out his signature drink and snark.


Whoa! Amy Adams surprise wins for Big Eyes! What up!

Princess and the Frog-Adorbs

Salma Hayek looking like a princess.

How to Train You Dragon 2 wins! I haven’t seen it (wanna see it), but everything is awesome about The Lego Movie.

Community-Chang-I'll allow it

Patricia Arquette wins for Best Supporting Actress! She’s great! (Jessica Chastain is still my favorite working actress right now.)


Welllllll, I would watch Bridesmaids 2.

The Skeleton Twins are still funny.

Princess and the Frog-Really?

Oh isn’t funny when white people can’t pronounce Latino names?

GoT-Tywin-Rare Lannister Smile

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, hot and funny.

Glee-I ain't even mad

The room may not have liked that feminist joke from Tomlin and Fonda but I did!

Jeffrey Tambor is transcendent in Transparent. The show is utterly brilliant. Go watch it!

Peter Pan-this ship sails itself

I’d watch that intense romantic drama a.k.a. I ship Lupita-Colin.

Torchwood-And I don't care

Leviathan wins even though every single list said Force Majeure would win.


Jessica Lange is PISSED! I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is great so whatevs.

Anchorman-News Team-YAY

The Affair is sooooo good, guys. I know you didn’t watch it but you should.

GoT-Sandor approves

Catherine Zeta-Jones has remerged and she looks beautiful. Can she be in the next Bond movie?

Kevin Spacey knew he was going to win. And I don’t want to know what would’ve happened if he didn’t.


Julianna and Don, where’s that movie?

That’s not fair, Tomorrowland hasn’t come out yet. Where’s Batman and Robin?

It’s hard not to like George Clooney.

GoT-Dany-That's Cute

Richard Linklater wins for Best Director for a drama! And I totally am bombing my predictions list!

The Good Wife-You two make a cute couple

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt present together.


Okay, I wanted Viola Davis to win, too. Still, Ruth Wilson blew me away in her dual portrayal on The Affair.

My dad, the consummate Batman fan, is very happy: Michael Keaton wins for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical.

Either everyone wore too much self-tanner or the lighting in that room is atrocious.

I LOVED The Grand Budapest Hotel although for a comedy it sure did make me cry. #nostalgia

Alright, alright, alright. Matthew’s up.

Despicable Me-I'm SO HAPPY

Julianne Moore is NOT hiding her joy for winning a Golden Globe for Still Alice!

HP-Dumbledore-Oh well then

Eddie Redmayne wins for The Theory of Everything! Cumberbatch must be kicking himself that he isn’t younger and could’ve been in that role as he was in the Hawking mini-series.

HP-McGonagall approves

Favorite awards look from Streep I’ve seen in recent years.

Princess Bride-Okay

Boyhood wins for Best Picture, Drama! Hollywood Foreign Press loves it some experimental family drama.

Well, here’s to hoping Margaret Cho hosts next year!


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